dilluns, 5 de juny del 2017

Erasmus activity in Wales!

Hi everybody!
Pep, Noemi and I (Elsa) Went to Cardiff on an scheduled activity  in our Erasmus project.
We had the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with the Welsh school and we could participate in activities inside and outside the school.
We learnt  a lot of things during the whole week and we are now plenty of new ideas!

We went to visit Mr. Wilson in his class. The pupils made activities related to a story about a monkey!

We went to visit one Maths session. The pupils were counting apples with their fingers...

We visited a music session. There was a musician playing a lot of instruments and explaining interesting things about music.

The 5th graders were presenting their favourites activities to their class mates. We learnt a lot of taekwondo and football.

Noemi made a music session with 2nd and 3rd grade. They danced and sang "En Joan Petit quan balla", they made rhythms and, finally, they played games.

Pep made a P.E session. They played "Cheia" and they had fun!

We shared information about Joan Miró with the 3rd graders. Students listened to a story and they made a drawing with some of the J. Miró figures.

We had a meeting with Maria (social assistant) to know some of their programmes where she deals with students with emotional issues.

 We assisted to the weekly Maths tests.

The youngest pupils invited us to have some cakes!! Mmmm... yummy!

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